A Gospel-Centered Life

September 2, 2018 Preacher: Scott Hollingshead Series: No Other Gospel

Topic: Gospel Scripture: Galatians 6:11–6:18

A Gospel-Centered Life

Galatians 6:11-18


A Gospel-centered life...


  1. Boasts not in any human effort before God (vv. 12-13)


     3 reasons this boasting appeals to us:

  1. Show off how spiritual you are
  2. Avoid persecution
  3. Divert the attention from your own sin 


Melbourne daily paper after a Billy Graham crusade “...I am heartily sick of the type of religion that insists my soul and everyone else’s needs saving, whatever that means. I have never felt that I was lost nor do I feel that I daily wallow in the mire of sin although repetitive preaching insists that I do...If in order to save my soul I must accept such a philosophy as I have recently heard preached, I prefer to remain forever damned. Sincerely yours.” 


  1. Boasts only in the cross of Jesus Christ (vv. 14-16) 


     3 reasons why we boast in the cross:

  1. Severs you from the world’s power
  2. Frees you from your old self
  3. Places you under God’s blessing


  1. Bears the marks of Jesus (v. 17) 


  1. Basks in God’s grace (v. 18) 

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