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Doxa's Philosophy of Missions

What do we mean by "missions"? First of all, it's important to note that opinions on "missions" in the Church vary widely, which is why the elders at Doxa Church have seen fit to clarify a philosophy of missions in accordance with the Scriptures. Second of all, you'd be hard-pressed to find the word "mission" or "missions" or "missionaries" or "missional" in our t...

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Now Concerning Series Resources

Note: These resources are useful starting points for research and analysis. Including them in this blog post does not mean every point of view is fully agreed with by Doxa leadership. Whatever and whenever you read, be sure to ask the Lord's help in discerning truth from error. Women in ministry Books: How can women thrive in the local church? By Keri Folmar Differen...

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How We're Gathering Safely

How can I attend Doxa in this season? We have two ways to gather: 1) You can gather with us in the Worship Center at 9am or 11am. Doxa Kids is available for babies through 6th grade at both services. 2) You can gather in your home to watch our Livestream on YouTube or Facebook, which starts at 9:00am and is immediately available for playback anytime. What health/safe...

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Jesus Christ the Advocate for Sinners

Jesus Christ is the Advocate for Sinners Start by Reading: 1 John 2:1-6 In this passage John assures the saints of their salvation and reminds them that they have an advocate that bridges the broken fellowship between God and us through Jesus. He also pleads to the church not to follow in step with the false prophets but to continue living without sinning carelessly, a...

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The Resurrection

The Ressurection Start by reading Philippians 3:1-21 Chapter 3 begins with the Apostle Paul writing "Finally my brothers, rejoice in the Lord." But why should we rejoice? Not only because of our justification before God which verse 9 explains, and not only because of the process of sanctification in our lives which verse 10 explains. But because of what is in verse 11 -i...

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Jesus Christ and the Ascension

Jesus Christ and the Ascension Start by reading Acts 2:33-36 This passage is the conclusion to Peter's sermon at Pentecost. Just prior to his sermon, Peter and other believers were gathering together when the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they began to speak in tongues. Peter turned to the crowds and began to explain what they were seeing and hearing. To summarize, he ...

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Continuing to Meet Indoors

Dear Doxa Church, As your Elders, it is our responsibility to care for the spiritual well-being of those whom the Lord has entrusted to our care (Heb 13:17). This year we have been asked to pay additional attention to caring for people's physical well-being in group settings. In March, we made the very difficult but wise decision according to available information at that...

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Elder Update 9/16/2020: Moving Back Indoors

Dear Doxa Church, On September 8, 2020, the Placer County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed Resolution Number 2020-194, proclaiming the termination of the Placer County declaration of local health emergency regarding Covid-19. The Resolution lists compelling reasons why the Board of Supervisors decided to take such action. As a result, the Elders have decided it is ...

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Elder Update 7/23/2020

Dear Doxa Church Family, With all the complexity and uncertainty happening today concerning COVID and, in particular, government regulation pertaining to church gatherings, you may be wondering why DOXA has chosen the direction we have. While the environment we find ourselves in is confusing, God's Word gives us clarity on how we are to conduct ourselves. We pray over ea...

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Doxa Church COVID-19 Update 7/15/2020

In light of Governor Newsom's new regulations released on July 13th, we will be transitioning back to church online in homes. Full video services will be available each weekend via our website, Mobile and TV App, and social media. We are prayerfully considering viable options for Sunday services and ask that you join us in prayer as we navigate how to move forward. We know...

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