We believe God desires for Doxa Church to be a place where quality, biblical, gospel-centered, and Christ-exalting counseling takes place.  Rather than see a disciple at Doxa walk away from their church to seek help when faced with issues of overcoming sin in their life, or walking through suffering, or struggling through relational conflict, it is the church’s responsibility to care for their own in times of need, helping them grow and change into the image of Christ.

Biblical Counseling at Doxa can be described as “Intensive Discipleship”.  When someone needs care and counsel for a specific issue, a Doxa Counselor is provided to enter in for a season to know, love, and serve the person in need all while in the context of the broader community of Doxa Church. That means that Biblical Counseling is closely tied to Small Groups, thus providing both the long-term Soul Care needed and the shorter-term biblical counseling needed for their greatest good.  

If you attend Doxa and desire to be connected to a Doxa Counselor in the near future, or if you want to refer someone to a Doxa Counselor, please email us at soulcare@doxachurch.net.  We will be in touch with you soon.