Sowing and Reaping in the Spirit

August 26, 2018 Preacher: Scott Hollingshead Series: No Other Gospel

Topic: Work and Vocation Scripture: Galatians 6:6–6:10

Sowing and Reaping in the Spirit

Galatians 6:6-10


You reap what you sow:  

  1. To reap you must sow
  2. The harvest corresponds to what is planted 
  3. You will reap what you sow

How can we expect to reap the fruit of the Spirit if we don’t sow faithfully in the field of the Spirit? So let’s sow to please the Spirit, which requires..   


  1. Sharing from the blessings of God’s word (v. 6)
  1. Responsibility of the teacher
  2. Responsibility of the receiver


1 Cor 9:11 If we have sown spiritual things among you, is it too much if we reap material things from you?

1 Cor 9:14 In the same way, the Lord commanded that those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel. 


  1. Sowing a pattern of personal holiness 


D.A. Carson “People do not drift towards holiness. Apart from grace-driven effort, people do not gravitate toward godliness, prayer, obedience to Scripture, faith, and delight in the Lord. We drift toward compromise and call it tolerance; we drift toward disobedience and call it freedom; we drift toward superstition and call it faith. We cherish the indiscipline of lost self-control and call it relaxation; we slouch toward prayerlessness and delude ourselves into thinking we have escaped legalism; we slide toward godlessness and convince ourselves we have been liberated.” 


  1. Persisting in doing good 

     1. A word of encouragement

      2. A call to action

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