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Mission: Doxa Kids exists to glorify God by making disciples. We are committed to passing on the truth of God’s Word to the next generation and our goal is to show them the Greatness of God and the Greatness of the Gospel. We desire for children to experience the love of Christ through the caring volunteers, a safe environment in which to play and learn, and age-appropriate classroom activities designed to point them to Christ.

Leadership: Denise James (Director of Children's Discipleship) and Brittany Kaighen (Associate Director of Children's Discipleship)


COVID-19 Doxa Kids Schedule

While nothing can replace meeting together in person, we hope that these weekly resources will provide an online option for you and your families to stay consistent in God's Word.

Included is the Bible Story/Worship, Activity Pages (Elementary Kids) and some questions you can discuss with your kids. We will be updating this site weekly and plan to add in some bonus activities for you and your kids.

July 5th Content: 2nd-6th Grade

July 5th Content: K-1st Grade

July 5th Content: 5 & Under

For those parents who wish to incorprate Doxa Kids Material alongside regular Sunday Worship. Here is a flow for the material that we have found beneficial:

Step 1: Print Activity Pages needed for each age-group in your house (Links Above).

Step 2: Read the Parent Guides for the Lesson Overview and Questions, to know how to lead during kids lesson time.

Step 3: Pray with your kids.

Step 4: Watch Worship/Lesson Videos with the Kids for each age group in your house (Links Above).

Step 5: Discuss lesson with kids and show the activiity page they will be doing during the Sunday Service Sermon.

Step 6: Start Sunday Service (Main Page/Link at top of Screen) and worship together as a family.

Step 7: Have Kids enjoy the activity page and other quiet activities during the sermon.


Parent Point & Handouts

We know that no one has more influence in children’s lives than their parents. Our goal is to provide parents with the tools and resources they need to help them bring the Bible to life for their kids at home! 

You can get access to monthly material for parents and handouts by visiting the Parent Point page.



Are you a Doxa Kids Volunteer?  You can now get access to all the curriculum content, updated each month, by going to the Volunteers Page.  The page is password protected - please contact Denise James if you need the password.

If you are new and would like to volunteer start by filling out this form!



We know your child's safety is important to you and we share that concern. From matching parent and child security tags to ensuring that every volunteer is screened with an interview and federal background check, we go to great lengths to to make sure that each environment is a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your child.