October 24th: Salvation For the Chief of Sinners

SG Participant Questions or Questions with Notes for SG Leaders 



In week 4 of The Dearest Place on Earth, Pastor Scott taught through 1 Timothy 12-17, titled, Salvation for the chief of sinners.

The Big Idea from the sermon this week is, Paul's personal testimony is proof salvation comes by the grace of God, not by works of the law.

Pastor Scott laid out three points for us:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of grace // vv.12-14
  • Don’t overlook the prototype of Paul // vv.15-16
    • Paul’s statement in verse 15, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” is a perfect summary of salvation. 
  • Don’t hold back the praise of God // v.17

Paul’s message is to give us hope for ourselves and for the people we want to see converted. It is to make God’s perfect patience vivid to us. It was for our sake that Jesus did it the way he did it, so we don’t think we are unsavable.

Christ picked the chief of sinners to demonstrate to us what His mercy and power can do in our lives. Everyone is savable by grace and the gospel on display demands praise to the King of Kings.