May 15th: The Gospel is…You Get God

SG Participant Questions or Questions with Notes for SG Leaders




This week Pastor Scott covered Romans 8:28-39, in his sermon titled, The Gospel is You Get God.

This week, the Big Idea from the sermon was that the gospel guarantees that every single saint will be brought home to glory.

  • God’s Promises are Invincible // vv. 28-30
  • God’s Favor in Irreversible // vv. 31-34
  • God’s Love is Inseparable // vv. 35-39

God, Himself is the good news of the gospel. We never move on from the gospel. There is one way for salvation, found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Our salvation has occurred in our past, works itself out in the present, and comes to consummation in the future. Our justification now leads to our glorification. Do not take the message of Christ and Him crucified for granted; it is our hope, confidence, and assurance. This guarantees that we will never be separated from Him. Eternity will be spent delighting in and marveling at the work of Christ. The moment we drift away from the gospel, we perish. But if we remain on the narrow gospel way, it brings us all the way home to glory (new creation: a new earth, and new heavens).

Memory verse: 1 Corinthians 15:3-4