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COVID-19 Update May 27, 2020

Doxa Church, In light of the most recent information released by the state, we are entering into a 21 day period with updated guidelines for how churches can function. Below are a few updates on how we will be proceeding at Doxa. 1) Doxa Students will be up and running in-person starting in June. Pastor Zak Graves will be in contact with students and parents on the s...

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Jude 24-25 Devotional 5/28/2020

Start by reading Jude 24-25 Hello Church! I'm Tom Caldie, and today in Jude, we're going to be looking at his doxology. If you don't know what adoxologyis, it'san expression that ascribes praise specifically to God.These two amazing verses ascribe a tremendous amount of truth and praise to God. Have you ever noticed that we tend to overlook doxologies? We typically look...

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Jude 17-23 Devotional 5/21/2020

Start by reading Jude 17-23. By now you know Jude is a one-chapter book right before Revelation. It is the5thsmallest book in the Bible, yet one of the most potent in exposing doctrinal errors and false teachers. Jude warns against following those who have surreptitiously gained entry into the church and are perverting the one true faith with false teaching. In verses 17...

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Jude 5-16 Devotional 5/14/2020

Start by reading Jude 5-16 Last week, we learned that Jude has written to this congregation to urge them to "contend for the faith" in the midst of false teachers surfacing within the church. This week we get a full-on account of what these people were all about. What's interesting is that the only insight we're given into what they're actually teaching, is a brief statem...

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Jude 1-4 Devotional 5/7/2020

Start by reading Jude 1-4 Jude immediately separates the church into two groups by only addressing those "called beloved in God the Father and kept for Jesus Christ" (v. 1). "Kept" refers to those in the church, the church being the betrothed bride of Christ. Unlike other letters in the New Testament where the author addresses all his listeners or simply begins his messag...

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