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Undeniable Providence

September 8, 2019 Preacher: Chris Ritter Series: After The Heart

Topic: Bible Scripture: 1 Samuel 29–30

God's providence is his perfect preserving of, working in, and governing over all things for his glory.

Big Idea: How to see God's providence rightly

1. Realize that God works in surprising ways (29:1-11)

2. Know how to move from sorrow to strengthening yourself in the Lord (30:1-8)

4 ways you do not strengthen yourself in the Lord: 
- Osmosis
- Rituals
- Passivity
- Luck

4 ways to strengthen yourself in the Lord: 
- Worship God as your God
- Trust in God's character
- Apply the Word rightly in your life
- Pray, believing God hears and answers

3. Stop being fooled into believing things are "random" (30:9-15)

4. Remember all your victories are gifts from the Lord (30:16-31)

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