A Distorted View of Jesus

May 1, 2016 Preacher: Scott Hollingshead Series: Discipleship Defined

Topic: Discipleship Scripture: Mark 8:22–8:38

Big Idea: 3 steps toward clarity:

1. Only God can open your eyes to see (vv. 22-26)

Who is this man?
Popular opinion (v. 27-28)

Personal opinion (v. 29-30)

2. Only God’s word should define your view of Jesus (v. 31-33)

You know you have a distorted view of Jesus if:
1. You have a light view of sin
2. You favor parts of Jesus over others
3. You want his miracles, not his message

A wrong view of Jesus leads to a wrong view of discipleship.

3. Only in losing your life for Jesus’ sake will you ever gain it (vv. 34-38)

Deny yourself- Say 'No' to self in order to say 'Yes' to Jesus.
Take up your cross- Submit to wreckless abandon of the will of God.
Follow him.

Vv. 35-38. Win the life you want and suffer the loss eternally.

The call to discipleship is not Jesus AND your life. It’s Jesus OR your life.

Can you say your life has been lost for Jesus’ sake and the gospel?

Conclusion: Imagine if you did a life reset and based on the word of God alone, you allowed God to order your life. How different would that look from where you are now?

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