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Mission: Doxa Students exists to glorify God by making disciples. We do this by focusing on our three values of Biblical Literacy, Leadership Posture, and Integrated Faith. (Grades 7th - 12th)

Leadership: Zak Graves (Pastor of Students and Young Adults)




Doxa Students is back at the building!

Wednesdays: Student Room 7pm-9pm

Games / Worship / Study / Small Group

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 COVID-19 Protocol


- Students must be screened at home for symptoms, including tempature sub 100.4 Fahrenheit. If any symptoms are exhibited, stay home.

- Masks are required.

- Observe Social Distancing whenever possible.

- Observe standard hygience (Avoid touching face. Wash hands for 20 seconds frequently).

- Please be aware that we will be singing for corporate worship.

- Drinking Fountains/Water Cooler will not be used. Please bring water bottles from home and do not share.

- Bibles, notes, pens, etc. will not be passed out. Please bring supplies from home and do not share.

- Games & Activity Amenities will be in use (Pingpong, Nintendo Switch, Basketballs, etc.). Please clean with a Clorox Wipe after personal use.

- Sanitation protocol will be enagcted to best preserve safety (cleaning done after hours).

- Social Distancing is to be observed "whenever possible." It is not possible in the context of main session together. Therefore we will encourage distancing between family units but not enforcing strict 6ft zones.

- If your student becomes infected with COVID-19 and has attended Doxa Students within 14 days, you must notify Doxa Church ( At which point we will suspend meeting on site and be online again for 14 days prior to resuming on site service.


*** Zoom will still be available to join us digitally for worship, main session, and small group time. This is provided during this season for those who may be at risk or are experiencing symptoms and need to stay home.

7:30pm - Join our Zoom Video Conference for Worship, Main Session, and Small Groups

Zoom Meeting ID:  715 - 878 - 421

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Main Session

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Current Series 

Student Takeover JULY 20Student Takeover.002 

For the month of July we are tackling student questions! We believe that answering student curiosity with a biblical framework that is built on the Gospel equips them for life. During Student Takeover we change up the standard format of our evenings. Students will vote on snack and game for the next week and instead of having Small Group time afterwards, we gather together for a large group Q&A where students can text in their follow up questions.


 Summer Bible Study

On Hold for 2020

One of our aims in making disciples is enabling their Biblical Literacy.

During the summer, we host a 7 Week Bible Study to better enable Students in personal study of Scripture:

- How to Read the Bible

- What is Exegesis & Hermeneutics

- How to use various tools in Bible Study

Students get to apply their skills as we study 1 John together.

 Leadership Workshop

Summer Session On Hold for 2020

Leadership skills impact everyone. Students, athletes, employees, team members, all of these and more are impacted by leadership and require a degree of leadership. We desire to equip students to understand the necessity of proper leadership, giving them essential skills and an arena to put those skills into practice.

Level 1: Essentials of Servant Leadership

Level 2: Essentials of Personal Leadership

Level 3: Essentials of Team Leadership

6 Weeks Include:

• 5 Practical Skills

• Worksheets and Audio/Visual/Literature Content

• Practical Application Project

• Certificate Upon Completion (Along with other perks)


Email Pastor Zak for Applications!