Mission: Doxa Students exists to glorify God by making disciples. We do this by focusing on our three values of Biblical Literacy, Leadership Posture, and Integrated Faith. (Grades 7th - 12th)

Leadership: Zak Graves (Next Generation Pastor), Michael Pagan (Next Generation Associate Pastor), Katie Nolan (Student Discipleship Lead)




Wednesdays: Student Room 7pm-9pm

Games / Worship / Study / Small Group

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07/06 - Judges 14-16

07/13 - Judges 17-18

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Starting in April we are in the Old Testament, studying Judges and Ruth! In Judges we will observe the "Canaanization of Israel," seeing them slowly disregard God's holiness and represent the very same people in the Promised Land that they were called to kick out. This will point to the need for a Righteous Israel, who we find only in Jesus.

Ruth sets the stage for the hope that comes out of the ruinous Judges account. We see the Abrahamic Covenant unfold as a gentile, Moabite get's grafted into Jesus' family tree. Reversals will take place, seeing life emerge from death. It's going to be a good summer seeing how the whole Bible points to Jesus!