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Mission: Doxa Students exists to glorify God by making disciples. We do this by focusing on our three values of Biblical Literacy, Leadership Posture, and Integrated Faith. (Grades 7th - 12th)

Leadership: Zak Graves (Pastor of Students and Young Adults)




Wednesdays: Student Room 7pm-9pm

Games / Worship / Study / Small Group

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Main Session


5/5 - Deuteronomy 12-15

5/12 - Deuteronomy 16-18

5/19 - Deuteronomy 19-26

5/26 - Deuteronomy 27-30

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Current Series 

Deuteronomy + Joshua Title

Starting in April, Doxa Students will be diving back into the Old Testament! Preparation and Procession is a series covering Deuteronomy and Joshua. Deuteronomy records Moses final words to Israel as they remember the covenant that was established at Mt. Sinai. It's a call for holiness and a moment of preparation as Israel marches into the land to demonstrate God's holiness to the nations. Joshua records Israel's procession into the Promised Land. It's a demonstration of God's goodness, His provision for those who trust in Him, and a foreshadowing of Israel's later history. Join us as we see Jesus in the Old Testament!

 Summer Bible Study

On Hold for 2021

One of our aims in making disciples is enabling their Biblical Literacy.

During the summer, we host a 7 Week Bible Study to better enable Students in personal study of Scripture:

- How to Read the Bible

- What is Exegesis & Hermeneutics

- How to use various tools in Bible Study

Students get to apply their skills as we study 1 John together.

 Leadership Workshop

On Hold for 2021

Leadership skills impact everyone. Students, athletes, employees, team members, all of these and more are impacted by leadership and require a degree of leadership. We desire to equip students to understand the necessity of proper leadership, giving them essential skills and an arena to put those skills into practice.

Level 1: Essentials of Servant Leadership

Level 2: Essentials of Personal Leadership

Level 3: Essentials of Team Leadership

6 Weeks Include:

• 5 Practical Skills

• Worksheets and Audio/Visual/Literature Content

• Practical Application Project

• Certificate Upon Completion (Along with other perks)


Email Pastor Zak for Applications!