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Growing In Grace

August 18, 2019 Preacher: Scott Hollingshead Series: After The Heart

Topic: Bible Scripture: 1 Samuel 26

1. Grow in godliness (1-12)
Lessons in godliness from David:
A. Prefers the pleasure of a clear conscience over the pleasure of sin
B. Prefers to trust that God will display His divine deliverance- If you had an easy way out, would you choose it over a faithful way out?
C. Prefers obedience to taking matters into one's own hands- If it solved your problems but was disobedient to the Lord would you do it?

2. Grow in boldness (13-16)
Lessons in boldness from David:
A. Boldness comes from clarity of convictions
B. Boldness comes from confidence in God

3. Grow in hungriness for corporate worship (17-20)

4. Grow in faithfulness to God (21-25)
Lessons in growing in faithfulness from David:
A. God rewards men for their righteousness and faithfulness
B. My life is better in God’s hands than anyone else’s

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