God is for His Glory

January 20, 2019 Preacher: Scott Hollingshead Series: Doxa: For the Glory of God

Topic: God's Glory

God is for His Glory

Selected Scriptures 


1) Truth statement: God is for His glory


Reaction #1: What about us? 

Reaction #2 That sounds like God is full of Himself- Isa 48:11 For my own sake I do it, for how should my name be profaned? My glory I will not give to another. 

Response #1 God’s God-centeredness is Him loving us

Response #2 God’s God-centeredness is Him being holy


2) Biblical backing 

A) God and glory

God created you for His glory- Isa 43:7; Col 1:16. 

God created the world to proclaim His glory- Ps 19:1-4. 

God called Israel for His glory- Isa 49:3; Jer 13:11. 

God saved Israel from Egypt for His name’s sake- Ps 106:7-8. 

God raised Pharaoh up to show His power and glorify His name- Ex 9:16; Rom 9:17. 

God defeated Pharaoh at the Red Sea to get glory over Pharaoh- Ex 14:18. 

God spared Israel from his wrath in the wilderness for the sake of His name- Ez 20:14. 

God drove out the inhabitants of Canna for the glory of His name- 2 Sam 7:23. 

God didn’t forsake His people for the sake of His name-1 Sam 12:22. 

God saved the city of Jerusalem for His own sake- 2 Kgs 19:34. 

God restored Israel from exile not for their sake but for the sake of His holy name-Ez 36:22. 

God shepherds and leads us for His name’s sake- Ps 23:3.


B) Sin and glory

Sin is a falling short of the glory of God- Rom 3:23. 

God defers His anger for His name’s sake- Isa 48:9. 

Herod dies because He did not give glory to God- Acts 12:23. 

The purpose of God’s wrath is to make known the riches of His glory- Rom 9:23. 

God forgives out sins for His name’s sake- Ps 25:11; Isa 43:25.


C) Jesus and glory

Jesus only sought the Father’s glory- John 17:8. 

Jesus told us to do good works so that others may give God glory- Matt 5:16; 1 Pet 2:12. 

Jesus suffered for God’s glory- John 12; 17. 

Jesus redeemed you for His glory- Eph 1:5-7. 

And Jesus welcomes you into fellowship with Himself for the glory of God- Rom 15:7.


D) Holy Spirit and glory

The Holy Spirit is the downpayment of our inheritance to the praise of His glory- Eph 1:14. 

The Holy Spirit’s ministry is to glorify the Son- John 16:14.


E) Christian living and glory

Jesus’ prayer is that we see and savor His glory- John 17:24. 

Paul prayed we’d be filled with fruits of righteousness for His glory- Phil 1:11. 

Peter tells us to serve in such a way that brings Him glory- 1 Pet 4:11. 

God tells us to do everything for His glory- 1 Cor 10:31.


F) The end and glory

Jesus is coming again to be gloried in by the saints- 2 Thess 1:10. 

God’s plan is to fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as waters cover the sea- Hab 2:14. 

Everything that happens will redound to the glory of God- Rom 11:36. 

In the New Jerusalem, the glory of God replaces the sun- Rev 21:23.


3) Why this is gloriously good news  

1. It’s not about you

          APPLICATION: Make much of him 

2. God is unwaveringly committed to your joy

          APPLICATION: Maximize your joy in God 

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