Hallowing God's Name

October 28, 2018 Preacher: Chris Ritter Series: Pray Like This

Topic: Worship, Prayer Scripture: Matthew 6:9

Hallowing God's Name
Matthew 6:9 

Big Idea: The goal of your life and your prayers is hallowing God’s name. 


By Adoption though Jesus
Invitation to intimate prayer

Romans 8:14-17 

3 Reasons We Don’t Address God as Father:

  1. Our sin
  2. Our doubts
  3. Our hang up with “Father”


God is transcendent
God reigns


What does it mean to hallow something?
We highly esteem it, regard it as supremely valuable, treasure it, and see it as different from anything else

God's Name:

  1. God has a name
  2. God has revealed his name
  3. God cares about his name (Psalm 138:2, 8:1, and 115:1)
  4. You need to care about God’s name

God’s name encompasses his authority, character, excellence, and attributes

How do I know when God is answering this prayer in my life? When I live…

  1. From him (Created and dependent)
  2. Through him (Saved by grace through faith)
  3. With him (Holy Spirit lives in me)
  4. For him (Daily life lived to his glory)
  5. To him (Eternally secure in him)

What difference could praying like this make in my life?
Praying “Hallowed be your name” keeps your life from becoming small and self-centered

How has God ultimately hallowed his own name?
Philippians 2:6-11 


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