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Welcome Without Judgment

January 8, 2017 Preacher: Scott Hollingshead Series: This is What We Do

Topic: Church Scripture: Luke 7:36–7:50

Welcome without judgment
Luke 7:36-50

Welcome- receiving appreciatively the presence of another and communicating that to them.

5 Judgments we ought to make
1. Judge between disputes (1 Cor 6)
2. Judge serious habitual unrepentant patterns of sin amongst believers (Matt 18)
3. Doctrinal teaching/teachers (Matt 5)
4. Judge the condition of believers- (1 Thess 5)
5. Judge the qualification of elders (1 Tim 3)

Judgment: a negative assessment of another person based upon a superficial sense of superiority.

1. Jesus welcomes all who come to Him

2. Religious hypocrites only offer selective welcome with judgment

3. Forgiven sinners are broken over their own need for Christ’s welcome

4 things 'don’t judge' means:
1. Don’t judge broadly- 1 Peter 4:17
2. Don’t judge motives- Romans 14:10-
3. Don’t judge by appearances- John 7:24
4. Never judge harshly- Luke 6:38

4. Are we like Jesus, welcoming without judgment all who come to our church?

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