Ask Anything In My Name

December 4, 2016 Preacher: Scott Hollingshead Series: Hijacked

Topic: Prayer Scripture: John 14:13–14:14

Ask Anything In My Name
Selected Scriptures

5 ways this passage has been hijacked:
1. A trump card-
2. A stamp of approval-
3. A magical formula-
4. A rote saying-
5. An added boost-

Prayer is our God-given means of access to all of God’s resources for the accomplishment of His mission.

4 steps to unleashing these inexhaustible resources for the mission

1. Respond to the stunning INVITATION

2. Reorient yourself under the Biblical QUALIFICATION

To do something in Jesus’ name means a few things:
A. To act on Jesus’ merit-
B. To ask on Jesus’ behalf-

3. Ready yourself for the certain EXPECTATION

4. Rejoice in the proper MOTIVATION

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