Better to be a Pirate

May 29, 2016 Preacher: Scott Hollingshead Series: Discipleship Defined

Topic: Sin Scripture: Mark 9:42–9:50

BIG IDEA: Take sin seriously or sin will seriously take you down.

True disciples will fight sin like pirates.

1. Better to walk the plank (v. 42)

Don’t be the reason one of God's kids falls into sin. How?
1. Doubt
2. Ignorance
3. Apathy
4. Provocation
5. Influence

2. Better to cut it off (vv. 43-48)
Jesus is calling for pirate surgery

Eradicate sin in your life. Where do you need to do it?
Think about what you do, where you go, and what you look at...

The best weapon to gouge out sin with is the Sword of the Spirit- kill sin with God’s word.

God loves you too much to let you dabble in what will destroy you.

3. Better to be consumed with the treasure

The cost of discipleship is only surpassed by the worth of the treasure. (vv. 49-50)

Only when Jesus is your treasure will you be able to lay down the pursuit of sin and self to present your body as a living sacrifice to Him.

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