Finding Rest in the Majesty of God

July 19, 2015 Preacher: Chris Ritter Series: Rest

Topic: God Scripture: Psalm 8

Psalm 8

Big Idea: God’s name is majestic in all the earth

4 Ways that majesty is revealed…

1) The Majesty of God in creation
v. 1 and v. 3

LORD = YHWH, or Yahweh, the personal name of God. “I am who I am”
Lord = Adonai - King, Master, Almighty Ruler

2) The Majesty of God in human weakness
v. 2

David gives us a theology of God’s humble means… he uses what is weak in the world for his glory.

3) The Majesty of God in the paradox of mankind

4 things from Psalm 8 you need to know about yourself:

1. You’re a nobody (v. 4)
2. God is mindful of you and cares about you (v. 4)
3. You have been crowned with glory and honor (v. 5)
4. You have dominion over creation (v. 6)

Psalm 8 being true is what makes the reality of sin so devastating
- We are a mix of lowly and glorious, glorious and twisted
- Don’t think less of sin because of this great Psalm!
- It begs the question: What can be done to restore us to this position?

4) The Majesty of God in Jesus Christ

Put Matthew 21:14-16 on slide

“Psalm 8 means God defeats his foes with the weakness of children, and he rules his world with the weakness of men. Only now God has a face and a name: Jesus, the God-man defeats his foes with the weakness of children, and he will save the world and rule the world on the path of weakness.” - John Piper

Put Hebrews 2:5-9 on slide(s)

2 Important things for us to see:

1. All who are redeemed will rule the world to come
2. Jesus fulfills Psalm 8:4-6

Hebrews 2:5-9 draws out 2 paradoxes:
- Mankind is nothing yet for all who are redeemed, we will have everything
- Jesus is everything, yet became as nothing for our sakes, to reconcile us back to God

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