Hope for a Hard Marriage

April 12, 2015 Preacher: Chris Ritter Series: Hope when life is hard

Topic: Marriage and Family Scripture: 1 Peter 3:1–3:6

Hope for a Hard Marriage

1 Peter 3:1-6

What Peter has said is true of all Christians so far:

a. We’re all born again by God’s mercy to a living hope – 1:3

b. We all have an inheritance waiting for us in heaven – 1:4

c. Your salvation is one that the prophets of old longed to know more about – 1:10-11

d. Your salvation makes angels full of wonder – 1:12

e. You’re called to holiness of life, totally given to God – 1:13-16

f. You’ve been ransomed by Christ from your former futile ways –1:18

g. You’re part of a spiritual house and holy priesthood – 2:4-5

h. You’re part of a chosen race, royal priesthood, holy nation, part of the people of God – 2:9

i. Jesus died for you! 2:24

j. God is the Shepherd and Overseer of your soul – 2:25

k. You’re a co-heir of the “grace of life” on equal standing with any man – 3:7

l. Point: We’re equal! In standing before God, in worth/value, in our humanity – co-equals, co-heirs, etc.

Context is King

- Verses, and even single words, cannot be rightly understood apart from the context of other verses, the book it’s in, and even the context of the whole Bible

Big Idea: Wives, be the most fearless and godly wife you can be

4 Ways from the text:

First: Submit to your husband out of submission to God

Submission in marriage is a voluntary act in which the wife, seeking to honor the Lord, puts herself under the care and leadership of her husband

Submission is NOT:

-The husband having ultimate authority

- Submitting to all men

- Enforced by the husband

- A removal of your rights

- A weakness or giving up on the wife’s part

- all encompassing (do not follow husband into sin)

- About intelligence or competence in any way

Submission is:

- Voluntary

- Singular

- A disposition and inclination of the heart

- God’s design in marriage

Peter goes on to address the wife of an unbelieving husband

- Your submission is a witnessing submission

- It quietly portrays the gospel to your husband

- Do not manipulate or constantly preach at him; live a genuine Christian life for him to see

Second: Focus on true, lasting beauty

- Key word: “your adorning” - the things you focus your energy and heart on to make you beautiful

- Do not focus your attention on your outward appearance - hair, jewelry, or fashion

- Focus your attention on developing the “inner person of the heart” - the real you

- Gentle = a friendliness that contrasts roughness, pushiness, selfish assertiveness

- Quiet = at peace, opposed to restless, disturbed, or restless

Third: Hope in God

- The holy women Peter alludes to are those with personal faith, trust, and reliance upon the God of the universe who was their Sustainer, Lord, and Redeemer

- Submitting to your husband isn’t about whether he deserves it or not. It’s about the God you hope in and your submission to Him in every area of your life

- Sarah is an example not because she was perfect, but because ultimately her hope was in God and his promises

Fourth: Fear nothing that is frightening

- Through hope in God you are able to live a fearless life, fearing only the Lord

- Fear no husband or any person, no future event, sickness, financial difficulty, hardship raising kids, or anything else!

- The godly woman sees the frightening things and marches ahead, not fearing anything because her eternal hope is in her eternal God

Jesus Christ is the only perfectly submissive person to have ever lived

- Fully God, equal to Father and Holy Spirit in every way

- Yet he submitted in everything to the Father’s will, including his suffering in our place on the cross

- If you’re a Christian, you are a Christian because of the submission of Jesus, and can submit by the power of the Holy Spirit in you

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