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As a Christian, we simultaneously bear these 2 identities: we are people in need of ongoing change, and we are also people called to help others change. Being a disciple of Jesus is a responsibility you must take personal responsibility for.  At the same time, Jesus calls us to make disciples even while we ourselves are growing in him.

But here's the problem:  Many Christians do not know how to apply the vast resources in God's Word in their own lives, much less in the life of another Christian.  Instead of going deep into God's Word to help people in their time of need we stay shallow on the surface with trite remarks, or maybe worse we just don't engage at all. We don't know how God would have us change and grow, so how can we help others change and grow?

If you are someone who wants to be equipped to know how you can grow in Christ, and further equipped to help others grow, then the new Introduction to Soul Care class for you.  Using Paul Tripp's Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands Study Guide book, we will plumb the depths of issues like:

- How does God want me to change as a Christian?

- What resources are available to God's people to bring about the change God desires?

- How can I understand the deep things of the human heart (mine and others) in order to promote lasting change?

- What kind of character do I need to possess in order to be highly effective in the lives of others to help them change?

- And more!

This is a class designed to teach ordinary Christians (that's all of us!) how to understand and apply principles from God's Word to help people change and grow.  The class is 6 weeks long, happening on Sunday mornings starting at 9am for 90 minutes each week.  Each participant will also be reading and reflecting on various questions throughout the week in order to get the most out of the class.

The Introduction to Soul Care Class is happening three times in 2019.  Space is limited for each class, so be sure to sign up early! 


Sign up here for the fall sessions starting October 13th