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At Doxa Church, we desire to be open about how the funds entrusted to us are spent and strive to be above reproach in all things related to the receiving and spending of church funds.  From the beginning, our people have been phenomenally generous to the ministries of Doxa, such that we continue to invest in ministries, staff, operations, and give generously out of our resources to further God's Kingdom around the world.  


20192020 Budget slide 2


Explaining Doxa's 2019-2020 budget:

Annual Budget: $2,100,000
Monthly Need: $175,000
Weekly Need: $40,385


Understanding each category:

Church ministries = 7%

  • This is the total of the operational budgets for our various ministries. It does not include the salary/wages of the staff who lead or direct them, but rather is made up of the resources needed to run and grow the ministries.

Human Resources = 43%

  • This is the total of our salaries and wages, housing allowance, insurance and retirement, and staff development.

Facilities = 32%

  • This is the estimated total of our costs for anything related to our current rental of GBHS, rent for our church offices, moving our equipment to the new building, our loan on the new building, and any utilities and maintenance.

General Operating = 8%

  • This category describes a variety of operational necessities, including office operations and supplies, online giving fees, an external stewardship review, safety and security, Sunday morning expenses, and technology/video/media expenses. 

Great Commission Giving = 10%

  • We desire to be a generous church and Great Commission Giving conveys our goal of generous giving to take care of those within our church when needs arise, faithfully saving for future church planting efforts, and general giving and generosity. 

Monthly report for 2019-2020 Fiscal Year (July 1 - June 30):

July:  $112,608
August:  $144,091
September:  $140,212
October:  $153,672
November:  $157,970
December:  $244,405
January:  $154,329
February: $167,413
March: $183,155

Year To Date ahead/behind budget:  - 7%


If you are a member of Doxa Church and have any questions about these numbers or about our budget, please contact Pastor Chris at

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