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Why the change?

October 6, 2013 Harvest Bible Chapel Sacramento launched its first service at Granite Bay High School- the training for which was rooted in a church planting residency through Harvest Bible Fellowship, the church planting arm of Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago. The training was deeply Biblical and firmly committed to one mission: glorifying God by making disciples. For the sake of alignment and clarity of vision, every church planter within the Harvest Bible Fellowship assumed the name Harvest Bible Chapel. Over the years, a vision to plant 10 churches in 10 years for Harvest Bible Fellowship became 160+ churches over 17 years. In June of 2017, President and Founder of the Harvest Bible Fellowship, James MacDonald, resigned and HBF was disbanded.

While we mourned that loss and the sweet fellowship we had within HBF, our Elders and staff started to seek God for a new direction for our church. As part of that seeking we sensed that God was giving us the opportunity to consider a new name for our church. As we have sought and envisioned all that God might do through our church, a new name was born. A name not distinct from describing who we have been but a name distinctly our own. We believe firmly God is doing something astounding here and that work needed its own identity to represent its own story- written by the Lord Himself. After a year and a half of seeking, fasting, and praying, we can, with great confidence and clarity, joyfully declare that we are going to become Doxa Church.



 There are three main ways that this name change will help us as a church strive to complete our mission. 


We wanted a name change that directly connects us with our vision and mission as a church. Doxa is the Greek word for glory. Therefore, Doxa connects us directly to our mission: we exist to GLORIFY GOD by making disciples.

It's who we are- Harvest Bible Chapel as a name didn't get us directly to who we are. The concept of ‘vertical’ did. But Doxa gets us right to who we are as a church- that part of us that will never change- namely, that church is about God and for God. With a name like Doxa, we are quickly reminded of what we're about- a church where God is put on display. Ultimately, everything God does is for His glory. It is the vision for all of God’s purposes, including the building of his church (Ephesians 3:21). 

It's where we're going- The name Harvest Bible Chapel Sacramento limited us by location (and, in a sense, an inaccurate location at that, identifying ourselves with Sacramento), Doxa represents a name not bound by location and a name that would allow for expansion and movement as the Lord sees fit. 


A new name identity will expand our reach and maximize the impact of our church in our area.

It's unique- There are many “Harvests” in our area and we are often confused with other churches. Doxa would be a name uniquely our own to the area and unmistakable to those we invite to the church.

It’s a missional tool- We have always been committed to a vision that can be given away. While the word ‘Doxa’ may not register with most people, it will soon enough become second hand that Doxa means glory and from that place you can explain the entire vision of the church with friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors. 

It speaks to our Biblical commitment- Use of the Greek (which is the language in which the New Testament was written) word in our name implies a care for the Bible that is deep and rich. People are hungry for a church that unapologetically preaches God’s Word. A name like ‘Doxa’ reflects our commitment to the centrality of the Word of God in our church. 


The Doxa name allows us to take the next step towards maturity in God’s vision for us. Here are some forward-looking opportunities we’re excited about:

Doxa Worship- We are already seeing the firstfruits of our vision for Doxa Worship with its first full length song “This is our King.” We have a strong conviction that there is a place of much needed contribution in the contemporary Christian music scene for Biblically robust lyrics combined with singable melodies, and we are keenly aware of the impact songs have in the work of building up people for Jesus Christ.

Doxa Biblical Counseling- This element of our vision is already underway as well. We believe Biblical Counseling in our church will be a life-changing tool in the hands of our trained leaders to bring God’s Word to people’s hearts and lives.

Doxa Missions- We are praying about opportunities city-wide to extend compassion to the least and the lost. We're praying about creating compelling content to distribute for the good of the church via our own podcast, etc. We're praying about a church planting residency and training, as well as opportunities to partner with like-minded churches in our pursuit of the Great Commission.

These are only a few of many different opportunities that we hope to see in the future to move the gospel forward for God's glory. 



The Design


For our new logo and brand we wanted something bold, clean, and modern. We went with a simple and classic color palette, black and white, emphasizing our design attributes (Clean, Bold, Modern).  We wanted to go with the shape of a triangle for several different reasons. We like the verticality of the shape- it points up to God and keeps in continuity with our original logo, it alludes to the trinity, and is the shape of the Greek letter D (Delta) which is the first letter in Doxa. The triangle shape also has a C for church and D for Doxa that make up the "infinity triangle".