We believe it is the aim, duty, and privilege of every believer and local church fellowship to glorify God by responding as active participants in the Great Commission to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ (Matt 28:19-20). We believe the pattern of the local church in the New Testament consists of believers gathering for preaching, worship, and equipping and then scattering as missionaries in our contexts for God’s glory and our joy. 

Therefore, our goal is to see and shape ourselves by the Spirit of God through the word of God to be a church full of missionaries impacting our community for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We aren’t content to support a few ‘missionaries’ who do all the gospel work. Rather, we want to send out a church of missionaries who understand that a life of following Jesus is missional. 

If you’re looking for opportunities beyond your own personal context, consider these city-wide partnerships to extend the gospel and compassion to the least and lost. For more information about ministries we support like Youth For Christ, Young Life, Safe Refuge, the Sayonara Youth Center, and more – click here.  

Finally, as it pertains to our greater backyard and around the world, we believe the mission of the church is missions, and the mission of missions is the church. Therefore, our primary focus centers on efforts that plant, strengthen, and multiply God-glorifying, Christ-centered, Bible-preaching churches. 

Interested in getting involved in Great Commission work through Doxa?

1) Pray - Pray that the Lord would prepare you as a person, in your character and godliness. Pray that the Lord would prepare you doctrinally and theologically. Pray that the Lord would lead in the development of opportunities and partnerships to plant, strengthen, and multiply God-glorifying churches around the world. If you’re interested in church planting, click here

2) Live – ‘Missions work’ is not strictly overseas. Every Christian is called to be a ‘missionary’ in their context (2 Cor 5:18). Are you living missionally right where you are?

3) Give - We give 10% of our budget away to fund Great Commission work of which we’re a part of around the world. Join us by giving here.

4) Go - Interested in a short-term mission opportunity? Connect us by emailing us here.