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This is the content for June 7th: 5 & Under 


Here is the flow for Sunday lessons with your kids!

1. Watch the Bible Story and Worship Experience with your kids.

2. Review the Parent Guide.

- This will outline a few activities, and a memory verse.

3. Have your kids do the Activity Page (Print Out).

- In addition to the activity/free space to color, the page lists the hand motions that correspond to the memory verse for the week.

BONUS: Check out this link for the Parent Cue App. This app aids parents throughout the week with "weekly cues" that are aligned with the corresponding lessons.

Bible Story & Worship Experience Video

CLICK HERE - Select Leftmost Video "Preschool Experience"

Parent Guide

June 7th Parent Guide

Activity Page

June 7th Activity Page

This Activity Page will be the same for the Month: Free space to color & an activity with the monthly Bible Verse displayed.